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Exploring the joys of Parallax Scrolling

Exploring the joys of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling really came to the attention of users in 2011, when Nike’s “Better World” website was credited with starting this scrolling-technique trend early on.
While it’s a technique that’s been around in one way or another since the 1930s, Nike’s site brought the technique to a wide Internet audience. Since then, parallax-scrolling sites have been popping up like wildfire, but the style remains somewhat rare online. This makes it an excellent method of garnering attention.

A site features parallax scrolling when the background moves at a slower pace than the foreground as you scroll down. This creates a surreal, eye-popping effect that’ll take site visitors by surprise and pleasantly entertain them.

While absolutely cool to look at, parallax scrolling also has practical benefits, which can push your product or service in ways never before thought possible.


Use It for Storytelling

Storytelling’s a powerful means of telling prospects about your company in a way that hooks them. Thanks to parallax scrolling, you can literally provide the entire history of your company to curious site visitors—all they have to do is scroll and enjoy the ride! Case in point: inTacto, a digital agency. In this case, the scrolling technique’s used in reverse: You scroll up and follow a rocket on a journey of the company’s milestones.



Surprise Site Visitors

Another practical benefit is the art of surprise: You can impress visitors by treating them to something different. Take the fashion brand KRYSTALRAE. Its site allows visitors to feel like they’re changing a model’s clothes while they scroll down the page! This very nifty effect pleasantly surprises users, but it also allows them to interact to a certain degree with the design approach, which is doubly smart.


End With an Action Trigger

If you’re a designer and have a parallax-scrolling site, you want to encourage site visitors to get in touch with you, now that they’ve seen your appreciation for the radical and unique. What could be better than ending your parallax feature with a call to action? German designer Jan Ploch understands this all too well. His drink-the-bottle-down scrolling effect ends in a call-to-action button that prompts users to email him.

Parallax scrolling is about so much more than just something pretty to look. It’s an aesthetic treat for the eyes alright, but it also empowers designers to do a lot more than just your basic site design. We’ve just seen three, powerful ways in which parallax scrolling provides massive benefits to a site, which you can handily use on your own site.

What are your thoughts of Parallax Scrolling? Is it just a trend or is it here to stay?

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Written by Marc Schenker

Marc Schenker is a freelance copywriter, blogger and editor who usually writes on web design, photography, conversions and politics. In his spare time, he can be found exploring the awesomeness of existentialism and absurdism. Connect with Marc on his website at

  • jhon

    Good Read! I didn’t know anything about Parallax Scrolling…Now I do :) Can’t wait to use this in the next design project.


  • RPAlzona

    Exploring the joys of Parallax Scrolling – very nice thank you

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